A Review Of Neon Staxx

It’s Bright, It’s Retro And It’s Free!

Those of us that were around then know that that the 80s and 90s were the best – we truly are the generation of nostalgia. And for those of you who weren’t, now is your chance to see what it was all about! This video slot game takes you back and it costs you nothing to give it a go! Play for free as much as you like before you play with your actual balance!

With a classic reel layout, symbolic characters of the era, wild generations and the very attractive SuperStaxx winning multiplier feature. Here we take a look at the game’s most important features and shed some light on parts of the game that some players will enjoy and others may not.

What Makes Neon Staxx Different?

All the best video slot games should have their own unique twist or feature. Neon Staxx certainly offers that! As well as throwing a dynamic and rich neon light aesthetic and soundtrack at you, the other thing players will notice right away is the layout of the reels. The display is at a unique angle, very different to the standard face on angle of most other slot games. This alternative view brings a 3D element to the visuals of Neon Staxx, which brings the action and animations to life.

The theme might be primarily historical, but with the 80’s culture comes wild exaggerations of futuristic possibilities. So not all parts of the visuals are a window to the past, many characters and details you’ll notice play along with the idea of a laser filled, space man obsessed future!

What else was a big thing in the 80’s? Street art! Or more commonly referred to now as graffiti. The game is full of it; from the logo to the display fonts, wild sprays of colorful graffiti are spread throughout the game’s layout, as if the developers themselves were street artists in their younger more rebellious years!

The slot layout follows a classical 5×4 reel spread, which many slot gamers will appreciate. It’s simple and it works very well for easy spinning, which is what many of us want from our most favorite video slots.

Quick Tips On What To Look Out For In Neon Staxx

Free Spins: There are certain scatter symbols that can show up occasionally in the reels, when three of them pop up it’s free spins time! You will be given 15 completely free ones. Look out for the Super Staxx symbol that comes with them, this plays a part in deciding how far your winning multiplier escalates!

Wilds: These characters will throw themselves down periodically. Just like in many of the other slot games NetEnt have built, the Wild characters will replace entire reels. When this happens bonuses can be sprung on either side of the Wild. The size of the bonus depends on what symbols have dropped at the same time as the wild symbol.