Alien Robots

Net Entertainment is one of the biggest names in the world of online video slots, and for good reason. The games they provide always have some hook to attract players and suck them into this new world. Another of the great NetEnt titles we came across is the Alien Robots slot game. This caught our eye immediately because, hey, who doesn’t love an outer space theme?!

The first thing that strikes you when you launch a new slot game is the way it looks and feels. The aesthetics of a game plays a huge role in what you think about it, and this is something you definitely have to consider. One thing you will note about this game is that it has a great use of colour. The beauty of having an outer space theme is that you can get creative with the graphics.

Rainbow colours, animated symbols, and great use of pixels make this a game that stands out visually. Yes, you could argue that it’s basic, but we feel like this is a definite strength of the game. It’s time top strap in, take off, and catapult yourself into the great unknown. Boldly go where no slot player has gone before!

Alien Robots, as you can gauge from the title, has an array of impressive alien robot characters, complete with their own sound effects, and some wonderful all-round audio. So far so good from NetEnt, but it’s also important to think about what the game offers you from a gameplay perspective.

Firstly, you should choose the amount you want to bet. And, with 5 reels, and a possible 243 ways to win, there is definitely money to be made from this game. We advise you go for the highest possible wager you can, as this will increase your chance of some big wins. So bet level 5 would be the best to choose as this will cover all the potential wins you could make.

The bonuses here are out of this world too, literally. There are some wonderful features, like landing 3 Scatter symbols to trigger Free Spins and benefit from a chain reaction of winnings. The Free Spins are so crucial, and you can get more by activating the Wilds, and secure great bonus payouts.
This is a game that is heaps of fun to play and will make you feel as though you are in your own sci-fi story. Head over to your favourite casino, launch Alien Robots, and have a futuristic, out of this world experience right now.