Cosmic Fortune Explained

Cosmic Fortune is a video slot game that takes players into the beautiful and bountiful world of deep space exploration. The game features a wide array of bonus features, including free falls, wild spins and the exciting Avalanche feature designed by NetEnt, all of which combine to offer the player a very attractive game that promises a cosmic number of ways to win!

Play Cosmic Fortune for Free!

Cosmic Fortune has a handy free version. This is great for trying out the game completely free without having to bet with real money. You can give it a go, learn the dynamics of the game and decide if it’s one you think that is worth more of your time.

Cosmic Fortune’s Best Bits

Here we are going to go through all the most important aspects of Cosmic Fortune, explain how they work and what they add to the character of the game.

Classic Slot Layout

This video slot has a standard set up of 5 reels and 3 rows. Players are offered 15 fixed betting lines to choose from. Compared to some modern slot games Cosmic Fortune is relatively simple. Many gamers will enjoy this simplistic display and format, as it means easy playing over longer periods of time. Many players will feel that the less complicated a slot layout is, the lower the chances that it can become annoying in the long run!

The Avalanche Feature

This is a dynamic NetEnt invention that changes the typical slot game concept and adds a new dimension to the play. In a normal game, the symbols are shown on a spinning reel. In an Avalanche game however, symbols drop down to build up the display much like Tetris, but with each block being a symbol. This concept allows symbols to be “crushed” when they react for a win, and then instantly replaced by a new falling symbol.

This means essentially more than one win can be found per spin, and wins can fall over and over again in one spin, much like a snowballing avalanche!


When these symbols fall they are large and take up many blocks, so when they react and are removed a larger fall comes in to replace them. Most players will find in Cosmic Fortune that some of their most productive wins come from wilds appearing over and over from one spin.

Scatter Symbols and Free Falls Mode

Free fall mode will become active when at least 3 scatter symbols are placed along the reels at any time in the main game. The more scatter symbols that are found in one spin, the higher the amount of free falls that are awarded to the player.

The Jackpot Bonus Game

Should you find the right bonus game symbols in the free falls mode the bonus game will appear. A ship will come up on the display which fires down marbles at cups that will be on offer for the player to unlock. The most valuable jackpots in Cosmic Fortune are locally accumulated progressive jackpots! So keep an eye on the current fund total as the higher it is the more people will be playing!