Evolution Slot Tutorial

If you like your natural history, this slot game will likely be just your cup of tea! Evolution is a video slot that embraces dynamic 3D visuals and takes the player back millions of years to the origins of life, in a world of weird and wacky evolving creatures. With gorgeous animations, impressive 3D visuals and some very interesting characters. Evolution offers a quirky and very attractive video slot perfect for gamers looking for something a little different!

Here we are going to take a little look at the core features in Evolution and go over the most important aspects players should know when giving this slot game a go!

The Layout of Evolution

Evolution features 5 reels, 3 rows and the player is offered 25 betting lines. Those who have played many video slot games will recognize this setup as very common and classical. It makes Evolution easy for beginners to pick up and master, while also meaning experienced slot players can instantly get on with the format without delays.

The game has randomly generated wilds, free spin symbols, and the Evolution Bonus game! Let’s go over each of these features in some detail to provide you a better idea of how they all work in play.

Wild Symbols

These special character symbols will show up from time to time to replace entire reels of other normal symbols. This will mean that when they come up winning combinations can be made with valuable symbols to the left or right across the reels. For many players finding wild symbols will make up the majority of your small wins. However, it is possible for wilds to react with other wilds in the same spin and create huge multiplier wins!

Free Spins

Evolution offers a wide variety of free spin opportunities. The more of these symbols you find in a spin the greater the reward. They are as follows:

–    Find 2 free spin symbols for a win multiplier of 2x your bet.
–    Find 3 free spin symbols for 10 free spins, and a win multiplier of 4x your bet.
–    Find 4 free spin symbols for 15 free spins, and a win multiplier of 20x your bet.
–    Find 5 free spin symbols for 20 free spins, and a win multiplier of 100x your bet.

It is common in many slot games for more free spins to be won within free spins, but in Evolution this is not possible. Instead of providing the chance to keep free spins increasing, Evolution offers a much more expansive rewards offering during free spins play. Many players will appreciate the bigger rewards and enjoy Evolution for this distinct approach.

The Evolution Bonus Game

The most exciting feature in Evolution is the bonus game! The game is activated in the free spins mode. If the correct bonus game symbols appear in your free spins, once your spins are completed you will be taken to the bonus game screen. Then it’s all about finding the right characters. A medley of freaky animals and weird creatures will appear on the display and will change (evolve) into more sophisticated beings. Every time you win in the bonus game spins, the creatures will become more advanced. The highest jackpot wins are awarded if you manage to get each animal to the fully evolved version of itself!