Flowers Slot Review

Net Entertainment is one of the leading slots manufacturers in the world. In fact, if you know of a slot, it’s a good bet that it was made by NetEnt. They have a reputation for developing captivating and in-depth slots games. Their mandate seems to be to produce a game that has a great story and keeps players around for much more than simply the spin-to-win approach.

And that’s why it’s strange to experience a slot like Flowers; it’s so basic and rudimentary. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but it does leave this game slightly lacking compared with a lot of the other offerings we have had from Net Entertainment.

Let’s first look at the graphics and design of the game. You would think that any offering from NetEnt would be good to look at, and provide some visual stimulation. And Flowers definitely looks good in a colourful, vibrant way. The icons are made up of colourful letters and a mixture of different flower icons, hence the name. But, other than this it’s a pretty basic affair.

The backgrounds is plain white, though there is a trendy wooden frame aligned with coloured flower pots that frame the reels nicely. Aside from that, the visual aspects of this game leave a lot to be desired compared with other NetEnt slots. We have grown accustomed to great detail from NetEnt, and the intricate graphics they offer.

Flowers takes on a much more basic approach, and the focus is more like that of a traditional slot. The problem is that the slot doesn’t compensate by offering a really attractive win percentage either. You’re still going to find it difficult to win on a regular basis, and win a lot of money as well.

In fact, you need to wait for the bonuses if you want to make any money from playing on Flowers. The Free Spins are so important here because you’re going to need to make full use of the Free Spins feature if you want to win big. The way to achieve this is to land Free Spin Cloud symbols – 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 will correspond to 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 Free Spins. Then you can really start making money and building up your bank balance.