Introducing Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

Pyramid offers gamers the excitement of slots with the fun that comes from dealing with terrifying vampires and the burden of immortality. Here we’ll be giving you a quick review of the best things about Pyramid, how to play it and which features to look out for.

Pyramid can be played for free as much as you want before you decide to bet any real money. This is perfect for letting you get a feel for the game, learn all the buttons, and decide if it’s for you before using your actual balance. Everything works exactly the same in the free version when compared to the real money version, so it’s a great idea to try out free slot games like this before deciding if you want to play for longer.

Best Features

The game follows a very similar structure to many other slot games designed by NetEnt. Some of these include titles such as Lost Island and Egyptian Heroes. It’s also got a similar theme to games such as Crown of Egypt. This makes Pyramid a great pick up and play game for those familiar with these games, but it’s just as easy for anyone who has never played any of these titles. It’s not complicated and won’t take ages to get a handle on. Many features are carried over from past games, so getting to know the statistics and game mechanisms will be a piece of cake for most.

The other key feature most gamers will immediately notice is the distinctive reel layout. The typical 5 x 3 reel set up is abandoned, as Pyramid offers players a wildly exciting 5 reel platform. This makes the action more diverse, the options more varied and the graphics far more impressive! It also means bonus events seem more common as there are more slots to fill, while it also means that when bonus characters do appear, they are surrounded by more options! On top of this

How To Play Pyramid: Quest For Immortality

Like many of the other slot games NetEnt have made in recent years, Pyramid includes the Avalanche system. The crazy win multiplier offers the player 720 ways to win and can mean some seriously huge escalating wins! This addition means something very simple; it pays to keep playing until your next multiplayer win, a factor many gamers will really appreciate.

The other key feature in the game is random Wilds! Every now and then a character will appear in one reel that will replace an entire line, and make all combinations across the reels a multiple win! This seemingly simple feature gives the gameplay so much more depth. As just when you think you are in a run of poor form, a Wild character will be generated, popping up in your reels to deal you a huge win!