Motörhead were one of the finest rock bands of all time. They managed to develop a strong cult following, and stand out among a slew of ‘80s heavy metal bands. And, though frontman Lemmy Klimister passed away in 2015, the legacy of the band lives on. Some of the finest and most iconic tunes of all time were penned by the band, and they sold more than 15 million records worldwide.

And, like Guns N’ Roses, the band has been immortalised in the gambling world through their own slot game. NetEnt are the pioneers behind this impressive and fitting slot game. You can tell the company are obviously big fans of the band and their materials. The band’s sound-bites act as the soundtrack to this game and are treated with great respect.

This is the third ‘Rock Slot’ offering from NetEnt, after Guns N’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix, and it’s the one many people have been anticipating the most. It seems fitting that a band whose most famous record was titled The Ace of Spades, should be honoured in the gambling world, and the slot is certainly a fitting tribute.

The intro to the game is pretty impressive and goes on long enough for you to really get a feel for what it’s about. It’s perfect for fans of the band and will help ensure that they get in the mood from the word go. The symbology will also help with this, ads you can enjoy icons including Lemmy himself, classic 7’s, horseshoes, and stars.

The reels are set against the backdrop of a stage, the band in their natural habitat. When you collect wins there is a cool strobing effect with the lights, as though you are at a gig! This definitely adds a cool dynamic to the game and makes it more enjoyable during play.

The Scatter and Wild symbols are the two basic features here, and they can be used to build up big wins and utilise all the possible paylines. There are also loads of bespoke bonus features you can enjoy and use to boost your balance. For instance, there is the Mystery Reel, where the reels spin in flames, and there will be a mystery symbol; this can turn a single spin into a massive win. There’s also the Bomber Feature which improves the chances of a 5 of a kind win.

We would definitely recommend this slot for anyone who is a fan of the band, or even, of great music in general. Motörhead are a band that will be remembered decades from now, and this slot is one of the most fitting ways to honour them and their legacy.